Girts A horizontal structural member that supports wall panels. Girt
Gauge 16,14,13,12
Depth 4", 6", 8", 10" & 12"
Finish Red Oxide Primer & pre-galvanized.
Fastners Bolts
Lengths Determined by design.
Usage: Secondary member to attach and support
wall covering.
Limitations: Designed to meet specific load criteria.


4" 16,14, 12
6" 16,14, 12
8" 16,14, 13, 12
10" 14,13,12
12" 14,13,12


Girt clips welded to frame. Quicker installation.
Flush girts with girt face in the same plane as column face. Greater interior clearance, easier interior finish.
Combinations of size, gauge & spacing. Optimum design and economical pricing.
Standard girt spacing, first girt at 7'-4" and maximum of 6' there after. Other spacing available for design. Fits doors, etc., optimal design.
Pre-painted, factory baked red oxide finish. Smooth, attractive appearance, improved adherence & durability.
Bypass Girts. More efficient design.
Low girt option available on request at 3' 6". Stiffening of the wall section, and satisfying high wind conditions.