PBC Wall Panel


The PBC panel profile offers the additional strength of an exposed fastener panel.
Gauge: 24 and 26
Finish: Galvalume Plus® and Commercial - Industrial Series
Lengths: Maximum recommended 40'-0". Longer lengths available on special order.
Fastners: Various self drilling depending on application.
Dimensions: 34" Wide (with 32" coverage) and alternate 35 1/2 wide sheets. The "PBC" panel is 7/8"
Usage: Agricultural application.


Exposed fastener panel. Economical application.
Sculptured ribs. Reduces oil canning, textured appearance.
Signature® 200 Series. 25-year silicone polyester finish warranty.
Continuous eave to sill until panel exceeds 40'-0 length. Attractive with no end laps, and ease of installation.
Signature® 300 Option. Premium paint finish with 25-year warranty, ultimate resistance to color changes and chalk.