ShadowRib Wall Panel


ShadowRib™ combines aesthetics, economics, and function to bring definition to metal structures. ShadowRib™ is a proven performer and a versatile tool to the designer.
Gauge: 24 and 22 (22 ga. minimum quantity may be required)
Finish: Galvalume Plus® and Architectural Series
Lengths: Maximum recommended 40'-0"
Fastners: Concealed fastening system. Panels may be secured to the structure from outside the building with the ShadowRib™ concealed clip, or from inside the building with an expansion fastener. Both are positive fastening methods that create a secure interlock between panel and structure.
Dimensions: 16" wide by 3" high.
Usage: The ShadowRib™ panel can be used for walls, fascias, and equipment screens. Apply the panel over light gauge framing, purlins, girts, structural steel, and joists. In many instances, the panel can span from floor to ceiling without interior support, making it ready to apply a variety of insulation methods into the 3" cavity.




Semi-concealed fastener panel. Attractive architectural application.
Striations. Reduces oil canning, textured appearance.
Signature® 200 Series. 25-year finish warranty.
Continuous eave to sill until panel exceeds 40'-0 length. Attractive with no end laps, and ease of installation.
Signature® 300 Option. Premium paint finish with 25-year warranty, ultimate resistance to color changes and chalk.
Optional Embossed texture. Embossing the metal reduces glare and the potential for oil
Fire rating. Panels carries a UL "Class A" fire rating.