SMARTsleeve Pipe cover SMARTsleeve

Metro's newest accessory item, the SMARTsleeve Pipe Cover, provides a professional trimmed-out look for most standard pipes on a roof. The SMARTsleevePipe Cover is available in two universal sizes to fit most pipes from 1-1/4" diameter all the way through 4". When incorporating the Metro SMARTsleeve Pipe Cover with a Metro SMARTjack, the system really shines as it makes the install virtually trouble free, with an easy fit for both parts, due to the way they connect. They can be used separately or in conjunction with each other.
SMARTjack vent flashing SMARTjack

The beauty of the SMARTjack flashing is its ability to fit multiple roof pipes, a smart move for everyone. The SMARTjack is constructed of an all Aluminum base and pre-molded cone that’s integrated with a rubber self-sealing gasket. It’s this gasket that allows the 3-IN-1 SMARTjack to fit pipes from 1-1/4" to 3" in diameter. Steel Depot also has a 3-IN-4 SMARTjack to fit pipes from 3" to 4" in diameter, so you’re covered for virtually all your pipe flashing needs.

The aluminum base allows the SMARTjack to be molded to the contours of the Metro panel and can eliminate the time consuming double-pan flashing method (Sandwiching) of the vent flashing. They are available in the standard stone-coated color range, so try them on your next roof and experience the difference of a factory stone-coated vent flashing.
SMARTvents SMARTvents

Ventilating your roof has become a hot topic for contractors and we have met the challenge with our innovative line of SMARTvents. There is one available for every profile and they integrate perfectly with the surrounding field panels for easy and speedy installation.