SMARTbrief Technical Bulletins are for use by all Metro Roof Products customers. Each SMARTbrief is coded with a reference number and can be used to support various trade practices that are acceptable to, and have met Metro Roof Products quality standards in effect at the time. Keep checking back from time to time as we add various SMARTbrief’s on various subjects to help our customers and contractors in the field.
023-SB-110317 SMARTvent Diverter
019-SB-01100308 Metro Hot Box (R-value) Testing Analysis Compared to Title-24
018-011210 Metro ASV Title-24 Compliance
017-01083109 Rain Water Run-Off
016-SB-010809 Impact of Above-Sheathing Ventilation on the Thermal and Moisture Performance of Steep-Slope Residential Roofs and Attics
016-SB-010809-Rev-111609 Metro ASV-Benefits
015-SB-08041801 Roman BATTEN-LESS Fasteners
014-SB-06111002-Rev-4708 Metro Exposed Fasteners
013-SB-082406-Rev-022208 Pressure Treated Lumber & GLAVALUME® Steel
012-SB-02004-Rev-470802 Smart Practices to Safeguard the Life of Metro Roofs
011-SB-10908 Profiled Roman Bird-Stop Installer Correction Steps
010-SB-053007 Installing Metro Panels When Wet
009-SB-121406 Storage of Metro Materials
008-SB061110-Rev-110209 Panel Imprint Codes
007-SB-060620 No Warranty for Moss or Algae
006-SB-060202-Rev-82511 Metro SMART-Vent Details
005-SB-060201-Rev-120309 Walking On Your Roof
004-SB-050320 Repairing Marked or Scratched Panels
003-SB-050804 Roman, Shake-II & Tile-II V-Bat Riser Metal
002-SB-040922 Batten-Less Fastener Alternatives for Shake-II & Tile-II
001-SB-040920 Moss or Algae on Stone-Coated Steel Roofs

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