Banding System Brochure

Banding System Submittal

Banding AdvantagesSingle Banding Insulation System - consists of a 3/4” or1/2“ painted galvanized steel or 5/8” white polyester bands spaced 24” apart OC.

The Single Banding is primarily used for single layer insulation and retrofit systems. The ULTRA-GRID Single Banding System is a simple and cost effective solution to help decrease energy costs and improve interior appearance.

Single Banding

The ULTRA-GRID Double Banding System is typically used for double layer insulation systems. 3/4” painted metal bands run perpendicular to the purlins while 3/8” painted metal bands run parallel to provide the ultimate support. Double Banding System - consists of a 3/4” painted galvanized steel bands spaced 48” apart OC and 3/8” painted galvanized steel bands evenly spaced between the purlins.

Double Banding

The 1/2”, 3/8” and 3/4” bands are made from galvanized steel to increase reliability and durability. Available in either white or black, the bands are pre-painted to provide a clean and professional appearance. The 5/8” bands are made from durable white polyester. Whether attaching to a “C” or “Z” purlin, the ULTRA-GRID Banding System provides the optimal insulation support for both single layer and double layer insulation systems.

Banding Side view

The ULTRA-GRID Banding System is the perfect insulation support system for retrofit applications. Because the bands are attached to the bottom side of the purlins with simple self-tapping screws, retrofitting a metal building has never been easier. The ULTRA-GRID Banding System is designed to obtain higher R-Values with less labor and overall costs as well as providing a clean and professional finished product.

Banding SystemBanding SystemBanding System