Ultra-Grid Basket System Brochure

Ultra-Grid Basket System Submittal

The ULTRA-GRID Basket System is an insulation support system designed for metal buildings and bar joist construction. Combining the Basket System with a double layer insulation system allows your building to take full advantage of higher R-values while maintaining a clean and professional appearance. The baskets grid like support system can support 6”, 8”, or 10” depths of insulation. Built from durable white painted galvanized “Hat” and “C” shaped channels, each basket is specifically designed for your building and preassembled before it reaches the jobsite.

Ultra Grid Basket System

No tools or fasteners are needed when installing the ULTRA-GRID Basket System. Simply lay the baskets between the purlins as directed in the installation instructions and you’re ready to install your insulation. It’s that easy!

The ULTRA-GRID Basket System supports a double layer insulation system allowing maximum cavity fill between the purlins. This results in higher R-Values and better condensation control.

Basket System Insulation

The ULTRA-GRID Basket System works with both “Z” and “C” purlins by hooking over one purlin and resting on the flange of the opposite purlin. It is very important for insulation tabs to be properly sealed to help maintain a lasting condensation retarder.

Basket System InsulationBasket System InsulationBasket System Insulation