spec serv2 SAWING
Steel Depot's HEM Band Saw provides customized saw cutting to meet your cut-to-length requirements and ensures compliance to your specifications.

Steel Depot stocks colored trim coils that allow us to make trim to fit your needs. Our coils are 26ga thick and can be de-coiled, protective film added and slit into needed girth. Once the strips are cut, our trained staff can make your order as needed. Custom trim is our specialty. Our 21' Jorn press break allows us to make trim up to 20’ in length and can bend up to 24ga thick. We do ask for a few days extra for custom orders; this will allow our team the opportunity to give your order their full attention. We do stock basic trim pieces in 10’2” lengths in most colors.

Plate rolling is considered a special order item and can be quoted by our staff based on your specification. Please contact one of our sales staff for a quote.

V-crimp plate is 3/16” or ¼” thick plate that has an angle stamped every 30” beginning at 15” from one end of the plate. Most of our stock measures 96” x 240” finished length. We stock standard crimp (2” angle stamped) or deep-crimp (4” angle stamped). Special orders are available.

Iron Worker allows our staff to shear up to 1” thick material. We can shear, punch holes and bend the material up to 24” long. Some restrictions do apply, but please contact one of our staff for a quote.

Our trac-torch table allows us to cut plate from ¼” to 2” thick to your specifications. The edges will have a torch edge. Please contact one of our staff for a quote.

Our plasma torch allows our staff to cut thin plate (gauge sheet) without it “rippling”. We can cut up to 5/8” thick with the plasma for a cleaner edge. Please contact one of our staff for a quote.