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Delivery of the Steel Building

The shipping and delivery agreements will be prepared by Steel Depot in accordance with your purchase agreement. You will be required to prepare your construction site prior to the delivery of your steel building. You are responsible for accounting for the materials delivered to your construction site. If you have agreed with your erector or building contractors to take delivery of and inspect each of them, please verify that they will know what building components to expect.

Ensure your Steel Depot possesses your shipping and delivery location, since this is the information they will use to deliver your building components. If you have some adjustments in shipping location, make certain you inform Steel Depot as soon as possible to arrange shipment and provide Steel Depot directions to your job-site if needed.

Your Delivery Appointment

It requires a few weeks to layout and fabricate your steel building, which means you must take this into account when specifying your delivery date. Please check with your Steep Depot representative regarding the current fabrication schedule.

If your construction operation will not start immediately upon receiving the building components, you will need something tough to protect them from the weather. This protection is required despite the fact that your components will be shipped with protective films and paint primer, these are an inadequate defense from the weather and being stored on the ground or concrete prior to erection.

Nearly all expert constructors will be scheduled weeks or perhaps months into the future. It is a good idea to schedule the construction on your building as soon as possible, which means you are able to coordinate your building delivery date with the availability of your building erector.