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An overhanging or projecting roof structure off the sidewall or endwall with the extreme endusually unsupported. Mainly used for aesthetic application or to cover entrance or walkway.

CanopiesFace Panel and Soffit vary with panel type.

Canopy can project out 15' unsupported with or without a cantilever beam
with exposed red iron. Larger canopy sizes available by special design and

A decorative structural and panel system projecting from the face of a wall panel. Gauges vary and are dependent on design loads. Used for aesthetic application.

FacadeLength varies and is dependent on building design and appearance requirements.

Dimensions on facades are 3:12 slope typical.

Soffit elevation must be at least 2'-0" below eave, minimum projection is 1'-6",
maximum projection is 6'-0", and maximum height is 9'-0". Mansard/fascia must be 6" higher than the peak on the endwall and 6" higher than the eave on the sidewall.

This accessory is used to open portions of a wall that are normally used for access. Used to frame out doors, windows, louvers, and any other openings. Framed opening refers to the framing members and flashing which surround an opening. Framed Openings include: jambs, header or sill, trim, and fasteners.

Framed OeningsDouble headers will be used in the attachment of some roll-up doors. This second header must be field located.

Full Cover Trim (Optional) provides head and jamb cover trim and sill trim if applicable, so that no red iron is visible at the opening.

Red Oxide Primer, gray, and pre-galvanized finishes (pre-galvanized indicates that all of the jamb and header or sill material for this framed opening will be manufactured from pre-galvanized material.)

The jamb must be located at least 18" off a column line. Exercise caution with a framed opening in an endwall as the endposts may have to be relocated to accommodate opening. Also, exercise caution with framed openings in a sidewall, as bracing may have to be relocated to accommodate opening and special doors may be required in low clearance areas.

Translucent panel formed like the roof panel in place of certain roof panel sheets to supply natural light to
the building.

Light Transmitting PanelsLight Transmitting Panels on the roof are the premium Acrylit panel. Ultra-Dek®; and Double-Lok® LTPs are the Sky-Brite® system. The Sky-Brite® system consists of a standard Signature® 300 Snow White Ultra-Dek®/Double-Lok® panel with precision windows cut out. An Acrylit Light Transmitting Panel is then bonded to the standing seam panel using a patented monolithic bonded system. BattenLok®/SuperLok® LTPs are a riveted rail system.

All LTPs are available insulated or non-insulated and with insulation trim.

Wall mounted accessory for allowing airflow into the building.

Louvers are available in the following sizes: 2' x 2', 3' x 2', 3' x 3', 4'x 3', 3' x 4', 4' x 4', and 5' x 4'. All louvers are self-mulling, self-flashing, and self-framing. No other trim is required. All louvers are available to match your wall finish and color. They are provided with 18-16 aluminum mesh installed in a removable frame. Standard-Duty louvers are 26 gauge construction. Heavy-Duty louvers have an 18 gauge frame with 20 gauge blades. Fixed louvers feature roll-formed blades, fixed at a 45 degree angle. Adjustable louvers come with a reinforced cast aluminum hand crank to operate the blades.

Parapet walls differ from facades in that parapet walls have no projection. This accessory allows you to add
parapet walls to one or more walls. Parapet walls are wall panels below the roof line that extend above the
roof line to a given elevation. Parapet walls include 14 gauge pre-galvanized parapet gutter when located on a sidewall (except at the high side of a Single-Slope or Lean-to building).
  • Gauges vary and are dependent on design loads. Maximum height above eave and peak is 6'-0. Dimensions vary and are dependent on building design.
  • A parapet on a sidewall creates a situation where parapet gutter is located inside the building, which may be prone to leak.
Parapet Walls
Interior or Exterior wall system. Partitions are walls that are inside the building footprint to section off parts of the interior space of a building.
Partitions must run to the roof line.
Aluminum base with EPDM. The square base flange bends to form a seal with surface irregularities or roof pitch. Pipe Flashing
Options: Available in a variety of sizes.
An overhanging or projecting roof structure on the endwalls with the extreme end usually unsupported. Aesthetic application or to cover driveway or walkway. Purlin Extensions
Options: Soffit varies with panel type. Can project out 7'-0 unsupported. Larger purlin extension sizes available by special design and engineering.
Roof Vents
An accessory, used on the roof, that allows air to pass through.
  • Roof vents are available in the following sizes: 12" x 10'-0", 20" Round, and 24" Round. These ridge-mounted vents are available with or without operators. Standard operators include cable, pulleys, cable clamps, and eyebolts. Operator handles are optional.
  • Ridge Vents are available as continuous or non-continuous. Each non-continuous vents required its own operator, while three continuous vents may be operated with one operator.
  • Roof vents are available in Galvalume Plus® or White, and come with birdscreen and damper.
A single or double leaf door which opens horizontally by means of overhead trolleys. Slide Doors

Slide doors are available in Single Slide (one leaf ) or Double Slide (two leaves). Standard sizes are 8' x 8', 8' x 10', 8' x 12', 10' x 8', 10' x 10', 10' x 12', 12' x 8', 12' x 10', 12' x 12', 12' x 14', 14' x 8', 14' x 10', 14' x 12', and 14' x 14'. Other sizes are available as a special item.


Metallic is now offering a Northern Gutter System which is designed to offer superior performance in ice and snow conditions. The overall gutter and rake profile of the new Northern Gutter System is the same as our current standard gutter and rake, except that all the trim is detailed from the bottom of the roof panel instead of from the top. This lowers the gutter and rake trim by the depth of the roof panel.
This new arrangement has a number of advantages:

  • First, in heavy snow and ice conditions the gutter is below the plane of the roof, reducing the possibility of sliding snow or ice tearing the gutters off the building.
  • Second, the placement of the Northern Gutter and its revised profile, require that the gutter is not only below the roof line, but in addition, the front edge of the gutter is lower than the back. Therefore, the Northern Gutter System does not require field cut overflow scuppers. In the event an overflow did occur it would be over the top front edge of the gutter and, most importantly, away from the building.
  • Third, a large amount of gutter capacity is gained without enlarging the gutter. In Metallic's standard gutter system as much as half of the gutter depth is lost in the Trapezoidal Standing Seam application and an additional amount is lost when the overflow scuppers are field cut in the back of the gutter. Due to the increased gutter capacity achieved when the Northern Gutter System design is utilized, the number of downspouts required to effectively drain the Northern Gutter and the labor to install them is dramatically reduced. Depending on rainfall intensity a 100' x 200' building may only require 10 downspouts, 6 fewer than before.

No Gutter


Offset Panel Cap Trim


Sculptured Eave Trim



Be aware that the benefits achieved in the event an ice and snow condition, require that the gutter is below the leading edge of the roof panel. The result is that the end of the roof panel is exposed to view and in some cases may be aesthetically objectionable. Obviously, when determining the placement of walkways, the potential danger to pedestrians from falling ice and snow must be considered and appropriate step taken by the erector.
Metallic's Northern Gutter System is recommended in any geographic area in which the potential exists for the accumulation of ice and snow. In some cases the benefits of the Northern Gutter System may warrant its optional use in geographic areas in which this potential accumulation does not exist.

  • Mitered Corners on all trim
  • Hems on appropriate legs
  • Gutter, Rake, & Downspouts
  • Optional Northern Gutter System
  • Yield of steel is 50k material versus 80k material
  • Provide twenty foot lengths on most trim
Base Trim:
  • Base Angle
  • Formed Base Trim
  • Base Flash
  • Rake Trim
  • Angle Trim
  • Corner Trim
  • Inside Corner Trim
  • Starter Trim
  • Jamb Trim
  • Head Trim
  • Head Trim Door & Window Trim
  • Tie-In Trim
  • Roof Conversion Trim
Eave Trim:
  • Offset Panel Cap Trim
  • Sculptured Eave Trim
  • Eave Gutter
  • Box Gutter
  • Type I Gutter
  • High Side Eave Trim
  • Low Side Eave Trim
Special gutter used to carry off water from attached buildings or multi-gabled buildings. Standard valley gutter is 14 gauge pre-galvanized 10'-0" sections, Field welded in place. Valley Gutter

Special gutter used to carry off water from attached buildings or multi-gabled buildings. Standard valley gutter is 14 gauge pre-galvanized 10'-0" sections, Field welded in place.

Note: Interior drains are needed. These interior drains are not by Manufacturer.
Personnel doors available in a variety of configurations.  

Walk doors are available in 3070 (3' x 7'), 4070 (4' x 7'), and 6070 (double leaf 6' x 7'). They are available as a solid door (M), a half-glass door with glazing by others (GL), and a door with a narrow lite glass panel (NL). All doors are available with White or Bronze primer.
Double leaf (6070) doors are available with one leaf or both leaves active. If one leaf only is active on a 6070 door, an astragal and head and foot bolts are included. If both leaves are active on a 6070, a mullion is included. If panic hardware is used on a 6070 with one leaf active, you will receive a mullion in lieu of an astragal.
The following door options are available:

  • Panic Hardware
  • Mortice Lockset
  • Closer
  • Insulated Leaf
  • Keyed Alike
  • Weatherstrip
Walk Door
  If no lockset hardware options are selected, door will be provided with standard lever handle cylinder lockset.
Translucent panel that allows natural light into the building. All wall lights are Acrylit panels in chopped glass. Wall Lights

Wall Lights are available in a variety of sizes. They are available insulated or non-insulated. Available For PBR and PBA wall panels only.

Self-flashing, self-framing horizontal slide or fixed narrow-lite windows. Windows

Aluminum horizontal slide windows are available in 3' x 3' (3030), 4' x 3' (4030), 4' x 4' (4040), and 6' x 3' (6030). The fixed narrow-lite window is available in 2070 (2' x 7').
Horizontal slide windows are available in mill or bronze finish, and clear or bronze tinted glass. 2070 windows are available with a bronze finish frame, and gray glass. All are available insulated or non-insulated.
Jamb stiffeners are required.