nextstone7Easy Installation
NextStone™ siding panels can easily be installed at home with no formal training within a few minutes.

Our innovative panels have been designed to totally rid you of the need to hire masonry installers, professional siding installers, or skilled labor. Each of our easily managed, lightweight panels only weigh about one pound per square foot, removing the need to pay for that additional equipment and labor.
It only takes one or two people using basic hand or power tools to install NextStone™ products with ease. Requiring only screws and adhesive with panels that can be easily cut using everyday woodworking tools, installing NextStone™ is a snap and can give you big savings when it comes to achieving that classic stone look that you desire.

nextstone2Cost Effective
NextStone™ is a cost effective alternative to real or cast stone.

Installing NextStone™ exterior siding can save construction-workers and everyday homeowners a substantial amount of money when it comes to improving residential and commercial buildings. Especially when compared to installing much more expensive natural rock, brick or stone veneers. The installation time and cost for our products are significantly less than that of installing traditional masonry, increasing the amount of money YOU save when you decide to remodel your home or business.

NextStone™ panels weigh about one pound per square foot can be handled easily by a single installer.

NextStone™ is durable and resistant to weathering. The toughness of NextStone™ replicated stone siding means that you don't have to worry no matter what climate you live in. NextStone™ is built to withstand radical changes in temperature, varying levels or rainfall and snow, and other extreme environmental conditions. Real masonry is easily compromised by such events, but NextStone™ is specially made to endure whatever you put it through.

Most people need to touch it before they can believe it's not real rock.

Our siding may be applied almost anywhere on your home or workplace: window trims, porch pillars and deck siding, wainscoting, knee walls, facades, islands, patio enclosures, over exterior walls, foundation skirts, and full or partial home siding. The only limit on where it can go is you! Any wall or external vertical surface that needs coloring, texture or surfacing can now be covered with NextStone™ products.
Energy Savings with Increased R value
NextStone™ can insulate your home and help you save money on your energy bill.

Energy Savings with Increased R-Value
"R-Value" is the ability for a building material too resist heat transfer. NextStone™ has an assigned R-value of R4.5 per inch of thickness when implemented outside your home or office, it can offer an added measure of insulation. This additional insulation can help save energy in your home by naturally decreasing heating and cooling costs.

Improved Resale Value
NextStone™ is not only economical, but as attractive and beautiful as real masonry. The classic look of brick, rock and stone siding is exceedingly prevalent and, as such, is frequently integrated into existing and brand new construction designs. Our simulated product molds are replicated from actual stone so every single component of the stone's feel is appropriately transcribed and transferred to our products.

NextStone™ is a fantastic choice for those who are obligated or simply want to add the traditional appeal of natural materials to a residential or commercial building. It completely resembles real stone, but without the additional costs that come with adding brick, rock, or stone veneers.      NextStone
Our ground-breaking manufacturing process makes NextStone™ siding panels waterproof, fade-proof and impervious to warping, cracks, or "settling" often associated with other brands of siding. NextStone™ siding is made of high-impact resistant structural polyurethane, a material durable enough to withstand even the most brutal of environments.

nextstone7Low Maintenance
NextStone™ requires almost no additional work to maintain. Our exterior siding panels do not require any kind of painting, staining or waterproofing. NextStone™ replicated rock and stone veneer panels keep their beautiful, natural appearance with only an occasional spray-down from the backyard hose. Our panels are created with a specially formulated in-mold coating so that every single inch of our revolutionary siding will retain the look you bought it with for years to come!

Green - built to preserve the environment
NextStone™ is environmentally friendly and does not tax natural resources.

The procedure of harvesting rock, clay and stone materials is very harmful to the environment. This damage is increased once you realize quarrying, transporting and processing these raw stone materials demands a significant amount of energy and resources. By engineering a product that replicates the look of natural or cultured rock and stone, NextStone™ can add visual appeal to any structure without causing the environmental stress that comes from the process of harvesting natural stone.

20-year Limited Warranty
NextStone™ will continue to be attractive and tough. In contrast to traditional construction materials, NextStone™ products come with a 20 year warranty against blistering, peeling, corrosion, rust, rot, flaking or excessive fading. Once NextStone™ products have been correctly installed they are waterproof and durable; we are confident in the quality of our product and offer a 20 Year Limited Warranty.