7.2 Panel
Net Girth
Yield (psi)
Weight Per Sq.
29 36" 80,000 71# Galvalume Plus®*
29 36" 80,000 71# Signature® 200
26 36" 80,000 96# Galvalume Plus®*
26 36" 80,000 96# Signature® 200
24 36" 50,000 118# Galvalume Plus®*
24 36" 50,000 118# Signature® 200
24 36" 50,000 118# Signature® 300
22 36" 50,000 146# Galvalume Plus®*
22 36" 50,000 146# Signature® 200
22 36" 50,000 146# Signature® 300

Signature is a registered trademark of NCI Group, Inc.
*Galvalume Plus is a registered and protected trademark of BIEC International, Inc. The Galvalume Plus® coating is subject to variances in spangle from coil to coil which may result in noticeable shade variation in installed panels.The Galvalume Plus® coating is also subject to differential weathering after panel installation. Panels may appear to be different shades due to this weathering characteristic. If a consistent appearance is required, MBCI recommends that pre-painted panels be used in lieu of Galvalume Plus®. Shade variation in panels manufactured from Galvalume Plus® coated material do not diminish the structural integrity of the product. These shade variations should be anticipated and are not a cause for rejection.

Consult the STEEL DEPOT COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL OR “PBR”/”PBU” TECHNICAL/ERECTION MANUAL for proper product application, design details and other product information.

  1. “PBA” panel is striated as a standard.
  2. The aesthetic results of installing “PBA” panels over blanket insulation can have varying degree of success depending upon the insulation thickness and density, as well as, the skill of and techniques used by the installer. However, use of “PBA” panels over blanket insulation thicker than 3” usually results in one or more of the following: (1) Panels will not hold 36” module, (2) Uniform panel side laps will be extremely difficult to maintain and (3) Panels are prone to exhibit oil canning.
  3. Edge of panel in contact with concrete sheeting notch will result in excessive edge creep. Panel corrosion due to contact with concrete or any masonry product is excluded from Panel Warranty.
  4. All perforated material comes with a light oil coating. Panels should be wiped clean before installing.
IMPORTANT NOTICE TO INSTALLER/CUSTOMER: Material should be inspected carefully prior to installation for defects including excessive oil canning. Installation of material constitutes acceptance.
See Commercial / Industrial Color Chart for available colors