Once you have received all of the building materials for your steel building, it's time to begin construction. If you have done your due-diligence your qualified erector will be ready to begin the construction phase.

Contract with Your Erector

These documents need to include all of the duties the erector will preform while constructing your steel building. Never rely on a verbal agreement. Be certain your documents are signed before the construction begins and it is a good idea to put time-lines; and if you can agree with your contractor, benefits or penalties will be the guideline for both parties.


Most steel building erectors are not involved in the finish work that includes systems like plumbing or electrical.

They are typically responsible for these tasks:

•  Their equipment

•  Compressed air and electrical needed for their power tools

•  Insulation and accessories installed in the roof and exterior walls

•  Manpower for completing your project in a timely fashion

•  Removal of construction trash

Each steel building erector will have their own way of approaching each of these processes, and each needs to be addressed in the agreement.