Metro TILE Specifications

Metro TILE® Specifications

Size Length: 52.75" Cover Length: 50" Width: 16.5" Cover
Width: 14.5" 20 pcs / Sq.
Accessories STONE-COATED:
Barrel cap for Ridge, Hip & Rake
Fascia metal in 3-1/2" or 5" face widths X79"
Riser metal X 79"
Z-Bar X 79"
Valley Cover X 79"
Tie-In Metal X 79"
SMART-jack pipe flashing
SMART-Sleeve pipe covers
SAMRT-vent ventilator panels

Dbl 'V' Valley
Drip Edge
Side-Wall Underpan metal 120"
Protective Coating *Galvalume® (*Reg. Trademark of BIEC Intl. Inc.)
Substrate Steel — ASTM A-792
Mechanical Properties Grade 33
Base Metal Thickness .015" Inches
Coating Weight AZ-50 *Galvalume®
Primer *Galvalume® Plus or pigmented Color Coating
Minimum Pitch 3:12 (12 Degrees)
Weight 5.5 lbs. Each panel or 110 lbs. / Sq.
Pallet Size 44" W X 55" L X 27" H = Contains 400 panels & Weighs 2,250 lbs. approximately, covering 20-squares
Exposed Fastened BATTENS: Panels are installed from top of roof down to fascia. Standard install four (4) fasteners per panel through the front down turned nose.
BATTEN-LESS: Direct to deck standard installs have four (4) fasteners through the back horizontal flange and four (4) through the front down turned nose of each panel, for a total per panel of eight (8) fasteners.
HVHZ High Velocity Hurricane Zone areas require special fasteners and in a specific pattern. Refer to Metro's HVHZ install details for more information.