Steel Depot offers an integrated flashing system for the common vent pipe.

SMART Jack & SMART SleeveUse a Metro SMARTjack on your standard pipe penetrations and ensure a long-life weathertight finish, add to this detail a SMARTsleeve that fully encapsulates the pipe, for a look that blends perfectly with the surrounding roof and you can really make your installations shine. The SMART-Jack comes in two sizes and the SMART-Sleeve comes in one to fit most standard pipes. Each piece is coated with Metro's durable Non-Oiled stone-coat finish, including the rubber seal collar for long-life protection from the elements.

SMARTjack and SMARTsleeve The simplistic design of SMARTjack allows for easy contractor installation and reduced distributor inventory. The SMARTjack has the ability to fit multiple roof pipes using removable tabs, eliminating the need to keep large inventories. The SMARTjack is constructed with an aluminum base and a pre-molded cone with a tear
away rubber self-sealing gasket. The rubber gasket enables the SMARTjack to fit pipes ranging in diameter from 1-1/4" to 3" and 3" to 4" with the larger model, virtually covering all your pipe flashing needs. The Stone-Coated SMARTsleeve vent pipe cover provides a professional trimmed look for most roof pipes. It allows for easy contractor installation on the most common pipe sizes simply by sliding the SMARTsleeve over the existing pipe after having already flashed it using a SMARTjack. A single screw through the back of the sleeve into the pipe, approximately six inches above the Metro roof surface, secures the SMARTsleeve in place. The SMART-Sleeves are constructed with the same Galvalume® steel as our panels. And come with an integrated guard on the top to prevent rodents or debris from entering the pipe. They are easily trimmed to fit any of Metro’s profiles.

MetroSMART-Jacks and SMART-Sleeves are available in all standard Metro colors. Check with your Steel Depot for availability on Premium, Special or Custom colors.