truProtect3EnvironmentTruProtect™ is the only product that brings it all together–radiant barrier, insulation, RF shielding, sound reduction, fire protection, and mold and mildew protection–and it accomplishes all this while being environmentally friendly.

  • TruProtect™ is made from 65-70% recycled materials.

  • The multiple layers that make up TruProtect are bonded by adhesives that are plant-based and water-based.

  • The active ingredient in the fire retardant is a very stable, aqueous, organic solution. It is non-regulated by the DOT and carries an HMIS rating of 1-0-0. It is listed as a non-hazardous product, and none of the components in the fire retardant material is listed by IARC, NTP, or OSHA.

  • No special protective clothing is required for installation of TruProtect. A saw, nails, and tape are all the tools needed.

  • TruProtect™ is manufactured in Lubbock, Texas–331 miles from Addison.

Also, the best way to save energy, and save on the bills that accompany that energy, is to reduce consumption. TruProtect’s combination of radiant barrier and insulation will help accomplish this goal.