hailTruProtect is made of the finest components which are treated with environmentally safe materials to help it protect your house or commercial building from fire and smoke damage; mold, mildew, and fungus damage; and hail damage.

Hail Protection
Hail damage to roofs costs homeowners in higher insurance premiums and in replacement costs. TruProtect is a patented, multi-layer sheet that, when installed under shingles, protects the shingles and the underlying roof.

When hail stones strike shingles, the shingles crack and must be replaced. TruProtect installed under the shingles enables the hail impact to be absorbed–the hail stone boomerangs off the roof without causing damage.

In a side-by-side test comparing a roof assembly with Truprotect as an underlayment and one without, four-pound steel balls were dropped from a height of 20 feet. Impact locations were then analyzed to determine the damage. The sample using TruProtect received significantly less damage than the sample without TruProtect. The Truprotect roof showed 50% less surface damage and 100% less structural damage.

 Architectural Testing, Inc., Southlake, Texas
UL 2218, is a standard for impact resistance of prepared roof covering material.

Hail Protection