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Long Bay® SystemA ridged (double slope) building in which the ridge is off-center.Long Bay System
Gauge:16, 14, 13, & 12
Gauge:12″ to 44″
Finish:Red or gray oxide primer available
Lengths:Matches bay length

Why use the Long Bay® System?

  • Economical bay spacing up to 65′
  • Quicker and more economical installation
  • Available with machine seamed standing seam roof – the industry’s leading standing seam panel
 Benefits to the Builder

  • Now competes in the Long Bay® market
  • Eliminates fluctuating bar joist price/delivery
  • Better control over cost and delivery schedule
Industry’s Leading Standing Seam Panel

  • Optimum bay spacing & column locations
  • Can mix with traditional purlins
  • Use with B deck, built up and single ply
  • Design flexibility (can be used with hardwall systems)
 Rigorous Testing

  • Gravity loads
  • Uplift loads
  • Stress
  • Test conducted with standing seam roofs and through fastened panels
  • Available with Factory Mutual certification
Long Bay® System’s Features

  • Available with up to 65′ bays
  • Assembled with screw guns
  • Can be used with 22 gauge “B” deck
  • Uses tubular sections
  • Constructed using square channel web members
 Spans & Loads

  • Bay spacing can span 65′
  • Custom-designed per your specifications and local government compliance codes
  • Custom-fabricated to accommodate specified wind loads
  • Unlimited building widths and lengths
Ease of Installation

  • Typical metal building procedures – bolting and/or welding
  • Fewer rows of bridging needed with the Long Bay® system
  • Stiffer than traditional joist
  • Lighter than traditional joist
  • Attaches with self drilling screws
Long Bay® Spandrel at Main Frame (w/Masonry Wall)

Long Bay® Purlin with Double-Lok® Starting Rake Condition (On-Module)

Long Bay Connection at Low Side Soldier Column

Long Bay® Purlin with Double-Lok® Ending Rake Condition (On-Module)

Long Bay® Purlin at Masonry Parapet

Long Bay® Spandrel Purlin at Masonry Sidewall