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Commercial grade roof and wall panel


The M-Loc™ panel is similar to our R-Loc™ panel in gauge, strength and resistance to the most severe weather conditions with a rib style more suitable to smaller trims and buildings. This traditional commercial panel has long served customers with lasting durability in commercial-type applications.

  • M-Loc™ is a structural roof and wall panel that can be installed directly over purlins or joists.
  • Recommended for 1 : 12 or greater roof slopes
  • Available in 26 gauge painted or 26 and 24 gauge acrylic Galvalume®.

M-Loc is available in 26 ga. painted and bare galvalume. Prime panels come with CentralGuard protection that includes superior dent resistance, a lifetime limited paint warranty, and a 20-year substrate warranty. Bare (non-painted) panels from Central States have an acrylic coating which eliminates using oils during manufacturing, and eliminates fingerprinting and foot marking during installation. Bare, unpainted Galvalume is not warranted for uniformity in appearance, whether it be color, sheen, or spangle. If the project requires a uniform appearance, please choose a painted product.

Central States’ 26 ga. steel is manufactured to meet ASTM A792 specifications for galvalume with a minimum yield of 80,000 PSI. The M-Loc panel also has a Class 4 UL2218 impact resistance rating, a Class A UL790 fire resistance rating, and a Class 90 UL580 uplift resistance rating.

The recommended minimum roof slope for the 13/16″ M-Loc is a 1:12 pitch. This will allow for sufficient drainage of water. For added protection, a sealant tape can be used on the laps of the panel