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Our mission is to provide technical services and expertise in Nuclear Construction Materials Distribution.

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To help fulfill this mission and to ensure that the risks and environmental impacts are identified and minimized and that safety, reliability and performance are optimized, it is the policy of steel Depot to establish, implement and maintain an effective quality assurance (QA) program that supports compliance with applicable Federal, State, and local regulations.

Further, it is our intent to establish a culture and work environment that encourages setting and maintaining effective standards, identifying and resolving problems, emphasizing a continual pursuit of improvement, and fostering mutual respect and effective communication among its participants, their suppliers, the public, and other stakeholders.

The Quality Assurance Management Plan (QAMP) establishes QA program requirements for all quality-affecting programs, projects, activities, and materials identified for use in nuclear facilities requiring NQA-1 Quality Standards compliance. The requirements in this QAMP and its implementing documents are to be adhered to by Steel Depot personnel participating in any program or project identified as NQA-1 applicable. The requirements in this QAMP shall not be revised, partially implemented, or ignored without NQA-1 manager review and Senior Manager approval.

It is the responsibility of all personnel performing any NQA-1 activities to achieve quality, identify problems, and recommend improvements by building a partnership with customer organizations to define and achieve quality; recommend and promote improvements in the quality of items and processes; and identify, document, and resolve problems.

Quality assurance organizations verify the achievement of quality. Management establishes and cultivates principles and practices that integrate QA program requirements and performance standards into their management approach and control systems. Additionally, Steel depot management provides personnel who perform work with the proper qualifications, training, resources, oversight, and support to achieve the organizational and mission objectives as well as customer requirements and deliverables.

The QA program requirements, as described in this QAMP, have Senior Management’s full endorsement and complete support. Implementation of the applicable QAMP requirements, responsibilities, and authorities is mandatory for all personnel. In support of this policy statement, all personnel are expected to demonstrate their personal commitment to the achievement of quality through their active involvement in the implementation of this QA program.

Gene Day, President / Owner

Gene Day
Steel Depot, Inc.