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1326989411 icontexto green 01More recently, Steel Depot, along with the rest of the construction industry, has experienced a greater demand for environmentally-friendly, or green, construction solutions. A building is considered green if it has characteristics that reduce its environmental impact during its life cycle—from construction all the way to the end of the building’s useful life. These green building characteristics are measured against three criteria:

  • The environmental impact the building will have now and in the future when considering such factors as energy use, efficient use of space, recyclability, and the materials used for construction, all in an effort to conserve natural resources.
  • The economic impact, such as lowering operating costs, enhancing asset value, improving productivity, as well as optimizing life-cycle performance.
  • Health and community, through the improvement of air quality, occupant comfort, and overall health conditions.

The US Green Building Council cites these advantages for building green:

  •     Decrease in a building’s cost to operate, including energy savings 
  •     Increase in a building’s value, improving ROI
  •     Improved occupant comfort
  •     Increase in a building’s occupancy capacity
  •     Increase in potential rent
  •     Reduction in urban heat island effect and smog
  •     Mitigation of global warming

For more information on LEED Certification, click here.